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Derek and I cannot be anymore pleased with Gavin!
He has really warmed our hearts, and is settling well into our new
He is absolutely perfect! We love how he presents himself while he walks, and how
when he runs he slicks his ears back!! For a small dog he is lightening fast!
Loves to run around in the yard, catching loose leaves and fighting with
He is fully house trained, and we never even had to crate him! He is a smart pup
for sure! He learned how to sit, go up and down the stairs in less than 3 days.
He is also in the process of being taught tricks like; shake, dance, get your
toys and pick up your toys, and hopefully I can teach him how to play dead when I don’t feel so pregnant!
He loves to give kisses, hugs and cuddle!!
We cannot thank you enough for saving his life. He is just wonderful!
We loved him!
Have a
wonderful day!
– Emily