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Cuthbert’s been getting bigger and more handsome every day.  We started him on a program called puppy kindergarten last week- sort of a group obedience training.

He made new friends and learned a few tricks- we think it will be good for him.

He’s been a good boy, except for some minor puppy issues like biting and chewing.  He loves to run in the woods here, where there are plenty of sticks to play with.  He’s getting better with house breaking,

Most of the occasional accidents have been more our fault than his- like taking too long to get outside.  We take him into the nearest town sometimes, where he sits under the table while we eat lunch or get coffee.

He attracts a lot of attention- everyone who walks by stops to pet him and he loves it.

He has a vet apt on Wednesday.  According to my scale, he’s up to 22 pounds.  He’s been very healthy and, I hope, happy here.

We’ll always be grateful for your help!

Best, Bill and Richard

He loves Home Depot