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Hi Debbie. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We picked up Barney on
Tuesday. The vet tech in Manchester was exceptional.. He’s adorable, and his first visit to our
veterinarian confirmed he’s in very excellent health. He’s now had his
rabies shot and is on the worming routine but there’s no sign of any
parasites. You did an excellent job. He hasn’t yet had an accident
in the house, and he sleeps through the night! Of course, the little guy
has a terrific appetite, and our vet underscored your advice to keep him from
eating too much and growing too fast.

One thing, however, the general consensus is that he might have some
Irish Wolfhound in him because of the square jaw and whiskers. Our vet confirmed
that he very much looks like he will be a VERY BIG dog. That’s just fine
with us – we would love him no matter what he was! He runs all day
exploring everything in the yard (under good supervision) and plays well with
his two brothers. In the house, his big paws clomp around like a horse on
the hardwood floor. He’s a great dog. We’re delighted. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Barney. We’re in love with him! Liz