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I don’t know if you get these, ever or often… or if this is the place for you to get them, but! I adopted Athena back in June 2013 and just wanted to see if maybe some update photos of how she is doing would get to someone who remembers her 🙂

We celebrate her birthday on June 21st (her Gotcha Day) and when I was still living with my parents she LOVED playing with the cats, but I am pretty sure she loves being an only child now that she lives with just my boyfriend and I. She is still not the best with men/strangers, but she loves my dad and she adores my boyfriend to the point where I think she would chose him over me if given the chance sometimes.

I am so happy that I found her, and her spunky, snotty, picky attitude matches mine to a T!! Pretty sure there isn’t another dog out there more suited for my personality.

Thank you so much for what you and your organization does!

-Kaylin (& Athena!)